Flight Training:

  1. Students must be available from Monday to Friday to attend flight training, ground school and other course related activities. Select Aviation Instructors are available during weekends for flight training.
  2. Students are required to adhere to the training program as scheduled by Select Aviation College which includes scheduling of all examinations and practical flight tests. The program might be adapted from time to time as deemed necessary by the school. It’s strictly prohibited for students to cancel examinations booking.
  3. A Transport Canada Class One Aviation Medical Certificate is required in order to commence any college or professional flight training program. Medical examinations should be done prior to your registration if you have any known medical conditions. A Transport Canada Medical examiner will complete your medical evaluation during the first month of training at the college, related medical examination fees will be charged to your student account. Your class one medical Certificate must be renewed every year when under 40 years of age and every 6 months when over 40.
  4. Please be advised that the charges detailed in the “college flight training program” include all standard ground and flight training necessary for most students to reach the performance norms set forth by the college and Transport Canada. In some cases, a student may need more ground or flight training to reach these norms. Hourly ground and flight rates will be charged to the student’s account in the event that additional training is necessary. A prior written notice will be given to the student in this event.
  5. Daily flight and ground school schedules will be adapted as necessary at short notice as dictated by weather and other operational requirements.
  6. Every effort will be made to complete the training courses within the period indicated on the agreed training estimate. Select Aviation College cannot be held responsible for training delays caused by the weather and other factors over which the college has no control. The college does not guarantee that students will pass exams nor flight tests but will give students reasonable assistance in accordance with the training program to achieve these goals.
  7. Select Aviation College staff members must be informed eight hours in advance of any cancellation by students. If not, the cost of $100 may be charged for each reservation cancelled.


  1. This college flight training program details includes taxes on all taxable goods and services. Additional products purchased during the training will be subject to federal and provincial taxes. (TPS 5%, TVQ 9.975%)
  2. Upon transferring your initial “fee deposit” to the college, your student account will be created and any deposits will be credited to your student account. This student account will be used to pay tuition fees as well as other charges related to your training or accommodations. Your student account balance is available online via your portal. You may use your student account to make purchases at the pilot shop. You cannot use tuition payments or balances of tuition for anything other than your college program. The balance of your student account should reflect a minimum of 500$ at all times and tuition fees should be transferred to your student account before the due date.Training program payment schedule:
    • First payment: 7500$CAD – Maximum 30 days upon receipt of the Conditional Admission Letter (Admission 50$ “Non-refundable” and registration fees 200$ “Refundable” + Administrative fee 500$ “Non-refundable in case of cancellation or withdrawal” + International Student Acceptance fees including Visa consulting 2500$ *
    • Second payment: Refer to your quote – Maximum 30 days before starting date
      (Minimum funding of the Student Account to cover your training program)
    • Third payment: Refer to your quote – Six months after the starting date
      (Minimum funding of the Student Account to cover your training program)
    • Fourth payment: Refer to your quote – 12 months after the staring date
      (Minimum funding of the Student Account to cover your training program)Any amounts that are left in arrears with regards this payment schedule will be subject to a 2% late fee. Training will be ceased if the payment schedule is not respected.
  3. The school’s administration department will respond to any account related queries the student or sponsor may have regarding the active student account and will follow up on payments that have not been received in accordance with the payment schedule. Please be aware that, if no funds have been received after a seven (7) day period, it will be deemed that the student has terminated his / her course. The standard booking procedures, along with a further deposit if applicable, will be required to secure a further booking.
  4. It is against the college’s policy to facilitate any cash advances or any withdrawals from the student account other than those outlined quote. The student / sponsor is requested to arrange payments directly with the student’s bank privately and as a separate arrangement from the funds that are to be paid to the school for the student’s tuition and related costs. Select Aviation College will facilitate your introduction to a local (Desjardins) bank where you can open a personal bank account that can receive international transfers.
  5. Any refund of residue funds will be refunded within 30 days after completion of the student’s training course.
  6. Foreign Exchange: Select Aviation College does not guarantee the exchange rate of the CAD$. Select Aviation College prefers to receive funds in Canadian Dollars however can accommodate USD transfers. If you wish to pay in USD, please be sure to transfer into our USD account as per our bank wire instruction sheet (attached)
  7. Select Aviation College will credit the student’s deposit or training account with the value of cleared funds, received from the student or student’s sponsor, as reflected in the school’s bank account. It is important to note that a clearance period of 10 working days is required by the school’s bank to clear any cheque deposits received, and the credit will reflect on the student’s account once the bank has cleared the funds.
  8. Please note that foreign payment may take up to 14 days to reflect. If you are making a first payment or a deposit, please take this into consideration. Confirmation & Letter of Acceptance will only be issued once the funds have reflected in our bank accounts.
  9. Please note that the first payment as well as the second payment noted in the training program payment schedule must reflect in the school’s bank account before a student can arrive or be collected to commence induction and training.

*Select Aviation College is committed to supporting students in the process of obtaining any and all required immigration documents (referred to below collectively as “Visa”) allowing you to come to Canada for a professional pilot training at Select Aviation College.

Upon submission of your application for training at Select Aviation College, student will be required to pay the following fees: Administration and legal fees for the application for a Canadian Study Permit, a Student Visa (if required) and a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) (collectively, the “Visa”): $2,500 CAD.

If your application for a Visa is refused by immigration authorities (final refusal), Select Aviation will reimburse (to you or your guardian) the total amount paid in advance ($2,500 CAD) less bank wire charges and payment processing within 30 days of the refusal, except if:

  1. Your Visa was refused for medical reasons or due to past criminal or related activities;
  2. You did not provide all documents to the immigration authorities in the form (including all required translations) and time limits prescribed; and/or
  3. Doubt was raised by the immigration authorities as to the validity or truthfulness of the documents you provided or the sincerity and integrity of your motive to apply for a Visa or to enroll as a student of Select Aviation College.

If you decide to withdraw from the process before its completion, Select Aviation College will not reimburse the fees paid ($2,500 CAD) and will charge you a penalty of $500 CAD of administrative fee.

Select Aviation College reserves the right at any time, and at its discretion, to end the application and Visa process and refund all fees paid in advance. Certain Visa applications may require additional legal advice, at your own costs, in which case Select Aviation College will not manage the process but will refer you to an immigration lawyer (you may choose your own advisor). For example, if you cannot show strong ties to your country or if you have previously been refused entry into Canada or any other country.

Termination of Course

  1. Please be aware that, should a student / sponsor terminate any part of their flying training course, they will be deemed to have un-successfully terminated the training, unless otherwise agreed to by Select Aviation College.
  2. In the event, of a training course being terminated prematurely by the student for any reason, Select Aviation College will refund the residue portion of the fees received, minus a cancellation fee and any other costs which may have been charged to the student account. The cancellation fee will be equal to 10% of the uncompleted portion of the quote at the standard rate posted on the price table at the
    college for all aircraft, simulators and ground lessons will apply. Ground school tuition is not refundable. Refunds will be made within (30) days after notification in writing of termination of the training course has been received by the college and the Canadian immigration bureau will be advised of your intention to cease your training at the college.
  3. In the event of Select Aviation College terminating a training course for reasons other than a contravention of these conditions, the client will be entitled to a refund of the residue portion of their fees minus 500$ of administrative fees.
  4. Please be aware that should an enrolled student not commence the scheduled training program within seven (7) days of the agreed upon start date, without having agreed alternative arrangements with the college, the student will be deemed to have terminated their training course.
  5. Should a student suspend their training program for a period of more than seven (7) consecutive days without agreeing alternative arrangements with the college, the student will be deemed to have terminated their course.

Foreign Student Policy

  1. Foreign students that wish to enroll for one or more of our course offerings, please be aware that a 24-month study permit is mandatory. In compliance with Canadian law, should a student arrive to commence his / her course without the required study permit, Select Aviation College reserves the right to refuse the student entry to its facilities until the student produces and submits a valid study permit.
  2. Select Aviation College works with professional Visa consultants approved by the Canadian government. The costs of those services can be paid with the student’s account.
  3. Students that are already enrolled and are training while holding a study permit and VISA are reminded that the responsibility rests solely on the student to ensure the validity of their study permit and VISA throughout the duration of their period of training at the school. It is important to note that the College is regularly inspected for compliance by the relevant regulatory authorities and any fine that is incurred by the College as a result of non-compliance or a student’s study permit being invalid will be charged to the student’s account.
  4. Current foreign students that are actively training at Select Aviation College who’s 24-month VISA is set to expire prior to completion of their training are urged to apply for an extension on their VISA.
    Please Note: The facilitation fee is non-refundable in the event of an unsuccessful or cancelled VISA application post initiation.


  1. Students are respectfully requested to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in our student guide as well as comply with memos transferred via the student portal.
  2. Particular attention is drawn to the right of the company, in the interest of aviation safety, to carry out periodic random checks to detect substance abuse among students. If you are selected for a compliance test and refuse, your training may be terminated.
  3. Students are respectfully requested to abide by the Select Aviation College dress code.
  4. In order to ensure that school staff have the best opportunity to teach students in an environment conducive to effective teaching and to ensure harmony among students of diverse nationalities and cultures, students are encouraged to:
    1. conform to acceptable standards of behaviour and not engage in speech or action that will offend others,
    2. not act in a manner that could damage the good reputation of Select Aviation College, and
    3. not act in a manner that would damage or impair Select Aviation College’s property, offenders will be liable for the costs of repairing any such damage caused and may be subject to further disciplinary action and consequences.
  5. Students are requested not to take possession of, or copies of, property, training records, programs or programs outside the school premises or the storage location assigned to them. Removing school property and records is illegal and prohibited.
  6. Please note that all College Select Aviation premises, facilities and equipment are reserved for the exclusive use of students and school staff. Visitors are welcome at the invitation of the staff/students between 09:00 and 17:00 by prior agreement with the school administration.
  7. Although aircraft and school property are insured for all risks, students are not personally insured, nor are their personal property, including their teaching materials (teaching materials, equipment and aids, iPad, etc.). Once the learning materials have been given to the student, they become the student’s property and the school strongly suggests that students insure all their personal belongings, including their learning materials. Select Aviation College has put in place reasonable security measures to ensure the safety of students and minimize the risk of loss due to theft; we hereby emphasize that it is the student’s responsibility to insure their personal property against loss or damage.
  8. Students must maintain medical insurance at all times while in Canada under a study permit. You may he refused entry into Canada if you cannot provide proof that you possess valid medical insurance and furthermore be required at one point to provide proof that you maintained a valid insurance policy throughout the entire time that you were in Canada (when requesting a post graduate work permit) You may purchase a medical insurance policy covering all medical risks as well as potential injury from aircraft usage via your student portal.
  9. I grant permission to Select Aviation College and its agents and employees the irrevocable and unrestricted right to reproduce the photographs and/or video images taken of me, for the purpose of publication, promotion, illustration, advertising, or trade, in any manner or in any medium. I hereby release Select Aviation College and its legal representatives for all claims and liability relating to said images or video. Furthermore, I grant permission to use my statements that were given during an interview or guest lecture, with or without my name, for the purpose of advertising and publicity without restriction. I waive my right to any compensation.